Criterium 7.1 – Alternative to JavaScript and compatibility of user interface components with assistive technologies

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Criterion 7.1 implements the concept of “compatible with assistive technologies” as defined by the WCAG 2, as well as the use of WAI-ARIA API to make a component or functionality accessible. The proper use of the WAI-ARIA API is verified through tests 7.1.3, 7.1.4, 7.1.5 and 7.1.6.

Script must be usable by assistive technology : enter into the module, use tab panel, use the appropriate language, focus, tabulation, use the datepicker…
See design patterns and widgets on (new window) to adapt scripts to appropriate practices authorised for each type of module.

See also (new window)

In case of an external module, provide an alternative that can be used by concerned users. For example, they can send an email in order to receive the same information in a reasonable delay.

Important note: in an HTML5 environment, many components may require JavaScript to function. In the case of a JavaScript component that could not be made accessible, when an alternative is provided, a method must be provided specifically for the faulty component to enable the user to replace it (or turn it on again) with its accessible alternative.
This means that disabling JavaScript for the whole page will not be accepted as a valid method, unless it does not compromize the use of other components.